Secure Document Sharing Solutions

From financials and emails exchanged with colleagues across the office to data from customers, intellectual property, and more shared with partners around the globe – secure document sharing solutions are the foundation of modern businesses. The shift to digital work has replaced the paper documents with digital ones whiteboards, business productivity software, and email with online collaboration tools that allow entire teams from all over the world.

Secure document sharing solutions must include encryption of documents in the process and in the rest of the document in addition to audit capabilities, and more efficient processes. They also offer protection for sensitive data against hijackers and allow users to share documents from any device, at any time. Secure document storage solutions must provide organizations with the ability to manage user access rights and grant granular access to different time periods to users or group members.

A reliable solution can also prevent unauthorized access by requiring passwords, using two-factor authentication (2FA) or using passwords that are strong. Certain systems can automatically generate and distribute unique passwords to new users, or reset passwords for existing users to ensure they remain safe from hackers.

Whether you need to collaborate with customers, clients, or vendors to review and discuss sensitive documents or simply need an easy way to share documents with your entire team or company, TitanFile offers a powerful client portal with unlimited online storage that expands with the needs of your customers, clients or. Our HIPAAand FINRA-compliant file sharing backup, sync, and backup solution offers encryption both in transit and at rest with robust auditing capabilities for complete peace of mind. Get your trial now for free!

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