Croatian Marriage Customs

Croatia has a rich tradition of weddings and events. The encounter does leave you with some happy recollections, whether you’re visiting or staying. However, Croatian weddings are multi-day matters with heartfelt ceremonies and lively fun, which is what makes them truly special.

It is customary for the groom’s and couple’s families to visit each other’s properties during the pre-wedding ceremonies. This is done in an effort to strengthen bonds and increase anticipation of the impending event. Additionally, it gives the family the opportunity to decline or decline any money requests. Although most people opt out of this custom these days, it is still practiced in some parts of the nation.

Before the marriage, visitors gather at the couple’s home to meet with family and friends and have cocktails and food before the meeting begins ( in Croatian: gosti). They are welcomed with a rose tree that is frequently decorated with ribbon in the flag’s shades and pinned to their croatian ladies clothing as corsages. A basket of money is left in the guests ‘ hands for the couple as a gift.

After everyone has consumed their food and beverages, the barjaktar will direct the bridal procession to a temple or city hall. The barjaktar is a buddy, sibling, or comparative of the bride, who enthusiastically wave the Croatian emblem. He is a very significant number who is frequently interesting and quiet.

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